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PA-Bioeconomy 2018-2020 - EUSBSR

The Nordic Council of Ministers is Policy Area Coordinator for Bioeconomy in EU’s Baltic Sea Region Strategy.

The policy area covers also agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development.

The overall objective of this project is to support cooperation efforts aiming at networking policy practices, business practices, research findings and other assets important to develop a competitive and sustainable bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region. The key challenge to be addressed is that the bioeconomy offers great opportunities for sustainable development, but the bioeconomy is highly complex. It cuts across traditional sectors of policy, research and business. Realizing the bioeconomy therefore calls for stakeholders to cooperate in new ways - across the traditional sectors for e.g. agriculture, environment, business development and research and education.
This project will facilitate the sustainability of on-going EUSBSR Policy Area Bioeconomy cooperation efforts - and it will make a number of further efforts to enhance cooperation. To support EUSBSR objectives for Policy Area Bioeconomy this project will improve policy dialogue and macro-regional cooperation at national and regional level. Overall, building on existing partnerships with Member States, further efforts will be made to enhance: policy learning and policy coherence; private sector engagement, cooperation with research, technology and innovation (RTI) partners; dialogue with civil society and awareness raising/communication.

The PA-Bioeconomy plans a range of activities over the period 2018-2020 to realize the goals of the EUs Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region and more specifically the goals of the policy area. The list below contains a range of activities, which are relevant for presentation, but is not exhausting.

Regular meetings in BSR Bioeconomy Council
The "BSR Bioeconomy Council" is a platform for bioeconomy policy makers aiming to exchange experiences and build capacity for best and next bioeconomy practices in the BSR. Three meetings are planned in the project period 2018-2020. BSR Bioeconomy Council

Annual Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR
The partners participate actively with seminar organization and activities in the 10th Annual Strategy Forum for the EUSBSR in Gdansk 2019. Two seminars will be organized: “Blue and green bioeconomy from a youth perspective” and “Digital bioeconomy in the BSR”.

Trending Bioeconomy Analysis
Providing an analysis of the "new" bioeconomy/trends in bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region and present this to- and discuss with relevant stakeholders: 1) how far the Baltic Sea Region has come in realizing the bioeconomy; 2) what key changes/trends are on the horizon e.g. the impacts from digitization, increased land competition, needs for alternative proteins, next generation biomaterials and sustainable energy production; and 3) how should the Baltic Sea Region respond to these challenges and opportunities. The trend analysis aims to set the stage for EUSBSR bioeconomy cooperation toward 2030.

Baltic Leadership Program Bioeconomy Youth
Fisheries aims to participate in all the BLP Bioeconomy Youth modules with the objective to raise the knowledge about the possibilities in the Bioeconomy. Further, to organize two meetings with the MA network for EMFF.

Nutrient circulation workshop and seminar
The expected goal is activities leading to the develop national nutrient recycling strategies and to share challenges and best practices in implementing nutrient circulation among stakeholders with special focus on farmers. The expected result is improved implementation of nutrient circulation practices.

Rural development
Four meetings with the members of the BSN-EAFRD network is envisaged. The main outcomes of the meetings are exchanged knowledge, new ideas to the solutions of the common problems, and agreed proposals to the EC for the policy updates. The final objective is to facilitate and strengthen transnational and especially macro regional cooperation in the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD) in order to foster the link between the EAFRD and the EU BSRS. Discussions of the preparation of the next programming perspective in rural development should clearly communicate measures and actions to support achievements of the BSRS objectives. Recommendations will be set for the Rural Development Programme post 2020.

Flagship projects
The partners offer flagship support, and plan to arrange a flagship seminar with the objective is to bring the flagship closer and connecting them for a policy impact.

Reports, videos, podcasts, tweets – all available from this website. All the partners and flagships contribute with relevant communication material to communicate the activities of the project.

PA-Bioeconomy 2016-2018 - EUSBSR

Nordic Council of Ministers
Contact person: Torfi Johannesson: torjoh@norden.org

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
Contact person:
Darius Liutikas: darius.liutikas@zum.lt

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland
Contact person: Leena Anttila: leena.anttila@mmm.fi

The Swedish Board of Agriculture
Contact person:
Hans-Olof Stålgren: Hans-Olof.Stalgren@jordbruksverket.se




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