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BSR Bioeconomy Council

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BSR Bioeconomy Council

As a facilitator of macro-regional bioeconomy cooperation in Baltic Sea Regions the Nordic Council of Ministers will with the BSR Bioeconomy Council support the macro-region and its stakeholders at local, national and macro-regional level to speed up the transition towards the bioeconomy.The Council is an informal policy dialogue platform composed of members who are actively involved in the development of enabling bioeconomy policies and initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region. The Council has members from local, regional, national, macro-regional and international organisations, knowledge institutions and non-governmental organisations

The first meeting of the BSR Bioeconomy Council was held on 1 March 2016.

Members of the Council (pdf)

Agenda, 1'st meeting March 2016 (pdf)

Activities 2016 (pdf)

Working Paper #1 (pdf)

Agenda, 2'nd meeting June 2016 (pdf)

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