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PA-Bioeconomy 2016-2018 - EUSBSR

The Nordic Council of Ministers is Policy Area Coordinator for Bioeconomy in EU’s Baltic Sea Region Strategy.

The policy area covers also agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development.

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This project will facilitate the sustainability of on-going EUSBSR Policy Area Bioeconomy cooperation efforts - and it will make a number of further efforts to enhance cooperation. To support EUSBSR objectives for Policy Area Bioeconomy this project will improve policy dialogue and macro-regional cooperation at national and regional level. Overall, building on existing partnerships with Member States, further efforts will be made to enhance: policy learning and policy coherence; private sector engagement, cooperation with research, technology and innovation (RTI) partners; dialogue with civil society and awareness raising/communication.

The PA-Bioeconomy plans a range of activities over the period 2016-2018 to realize the goals of the EUs Strategy of the Baltic Sea Region and more specifically the goals of the policy area. The list below contains a range of activities, which are relevant for presentation, but is not exhausting.

Regular meetings in BSR Bioeconomy Council
The "BSR Bioeconomy Council" is a platform for bioeconomy policy makers aiming to exchange experiences and build capacity for best and next bioeconomy practices in the BSR. Three meetings are planned in the project period 2016-2018.

Participation in democratic festivals
Engagement with the civil society through participation in the “people’s meetings” is an important part of the project. Active dialog with the civil society is vital for a meaningful development of the bioeconomy in the BSR. The project will prioritize the democratic festivals in Estonia and Latvia in 2017.

Regional business meetings
The dialogue between regional business development authorities and organizations aiming to facilitate experience exchange and regional policy learning on how to engage more the private sector in the bioeconomy.

Recycle Nutrients Seminar
The aim of the seminar is to create a common understanding of nutrient recycling and identify the main issues involved as well as to discuss approaches and solutions to manage and circulate nutrients sustainably preventing the spreading of hazardous substances, and ensuring a good environmental status of the Baltic Sea.

Meetings with Rural Development Management Authorities
Large part of the budget of EU’s Common Agricultural Policy is allocated through the Rural Development Programs. There is a big potential in increasing the cooperation and alignment between the national RDPs to reach the overarching goals of the EU’s strategy for the BSR. In an effort to facilitate transnational cooperation through the Rural development programmes, the Baltic Sea Network – for the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (BSN – EAFRD) was initiated. The first meeting of the Baltic Sea Network – EAFRD will take place in Finland on 25-26 April, 2017.

Annual Strategy Forum of the EUSBSR
The partners participate actively with seminar organization and activities in the Annual Strategy Forum for the EUSBSR, both the one in Stockholm 2016 and Berlin 2017.
The Lithuanian Ministry of Agriculture is organizing a workshop „Rural Development Programmes and development of the Bioeconomy” to be held on 13-14 June in Berlin. The workshop is focused to address the role of the Rural Development Programmes in enchasing Bioeconomy in the BSR and will try to identify solutions to increase the effectiveness of the RDPs for the period 2014-2020 and after.
The Nordic Council of Ministers organizes the workshop INCLUSIVE DIGITALISATION PART 2: Digital disruption in the bioeconomy - experiences and potentials in the food and forest industry, together with PA-Innovation. The workshop will take a look at the digitalization of the bioeconomy by zooming in on the digital disruptions on both the production and consumption level in the food and forest industry.

Reports, videos, podcasts, tweets – all available from this website. All the partners contribute with relevant communication material to communicate the activities of the project.

Nordic Council of Ministers
Contact person: Torfi Johannesson torjoh@norden.org

The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania
Contact persons:
Darius Liutikas darius.liutikas@zum.lt

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Finland
Contact person: Leena Anttila leena.anttila@mmm.fi

The Swedish Board of Agriculture
Contact person:
Jens Perssons: Jens.Persson@jordbruksverket.se
Johan Magnusson: Johan.Magnusson@jordbruksverket.se




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