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Bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region

The bioeconomy offers many opportunities – for economic, social and environmental sustainable development. For example the bioeconomy offers many new business and job creation opportunities; it offers many new development opportunities for rural areas; and it offers an abundance of opportunities to grow primary industries while at the same time safeguarding the environment, on land as well as in the sea.

Through a large number of efforts in the Artic, Nordic and Baltic Sea macro-regions the Nordic Council of Ministers is committed to accelerating significantly the pace of the transition towards the bioeconomy..

Efforts are made to: seed the bioeconomy by providing intelligence to showcase opportunities and inspire joint efforts; fertilize the bioeconomy by providing meeting places and platforms for stakeholder dialogue and cooperation; and grow the bioeconomy by supporting development of tangible and visible on-ground cooperation activities with potential to make an impact on the realization of the bioeconomy.


On this website you will find information on efforts related to realising the bioeconomy in the Baltic Sea Region. These efforts happen within the framework of Policy Area Bioeconomy in the Action Plan for the European Union Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR).
For information about the Nordic Council of Ministers’ efforts to realise the bioeconomy in the Arctic and Nordic regions please go to www.norden.org


BSR Bioeconomy Council

The Baltic Sea Region Bioeconomy Council is composed of 15-20 leaders in development and implementation of enabling bioeconomy policies and initiatives in the Baltic Sea Region. The Council has members from local, regional, national, macro-regional and international governmental organisations, knowledge institutions and non-governmental organisations. - Read More




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